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Redefines A Pure Heart


Troy Ball has been called a force of nature. She is a writer, whiskey maker, mother, television personality, national champion horse woman, and artist. There is nothing that she does that is not full of her passion and dedication. From Gold Medal winning pure heart Troy & Sons Whiskey to raising her three sons, two with special needs, Troy pours her love into every thing she does.


Troy has always been drawn to writing. In college she managed the Vanderbilt Hustler (the University newspaper) and later when she was living 24 hours a day with her sons, trying to keep them alive, she often took solace in writing poetry.  Fortunately her oldest son, Marshall, learned to communicate on an alphabet board and she helped him to publish his first two books, Kiss of God and A Good Kiss. At his request, she wrote a brief story of his life which is in Kiss of God.  After founding Troy & Sons, Troy was often interviewed and began to hear from many who were inspired by her remarkable and challenging story. She was encouraged to share her journey, which resulted in the writing of Pure Heart, A Spirited Tale of Grace Grit and Whiskey.


Pure Heart is the story of a mother of two special needs children, who moves to Asheville in the mountains of North Carolina to try to save her sons’ lives.  There she meets remarkable characters, old men, and story tellers who introduce her to moonshine.  Entrepreneurial in spirit, Troy embarks on a journey of a life time to bring the secret "keeper" moonshine, made from the pure heart of a distillation, to the world.  Her spirit, determination and passion have seen her through unbelievable times - from the crash of the economy, to a child in a coma, to building her own distillery. This is her story.  

Kirkus Review -

"The first woman ever licensed to distill hard liquor in North Carolina uncorks an emotionally charged memoir about traversing family heartache to become the 'moonshine mama' of the South. A heart-stirring life story.


Marshall Stewart Ball, Troy's first son, wrote Kiss of God between the ages of five and ten years of age.  This marvelous collection of thoughts, letters and poems has inspired millions.  Unable to speak, walk or care for himself, Marshall never complains, always dares us to listen and motivates us to love.  This is the 20th Anniversary of Kiss of God and it includes a special introduction and forward written by Marshall's dear friends Chris Martin of Coldplay and Dr. Habib Sadeghi.  There is an additional chapter including some of Marshall's new work as well. Seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and Time magazine, Marshall Ball is silently working to bring love into lives. 

"Kiss of God changed my life and I'm sure it will change yours too."

                                                                   - Chris Martin, Coldplay


They say a mother's work is never done.  In Troy's case it was literally true.  Troy's life took a radical turn with the birth of her first two sons Marshall and Coulton, born two years apart, with an undiagnosed genetic condition.  Medically fragile, non-verbal, and non-ambulatory, Troy's sons became her full time life, her real job.  Determined for them to outlive their predicted lifespans of ten years, Troy became their defender, champion, advocate and voice.  Where they had weakness she had to grow strength.  Her sons survived and the family gained another brother, Luke, who brought the fresh breath of normalcy to their lives.  

Whiskey maker

For years Troy heard from the old timers in Western North Carolina that the best moonshine whiskey was kept at home, not sold down the road in a fast car.  In 2008, Troy finally got to taste the "keeper" moonshine and was shocked by how smooth it was.  She wondered why it wasn't being used in cocktails.  Why were American's drinking Russian Vodka, when America had this beautiful white spirit? She decided to take the crazy step to found and build the first woman owned whiskey distillery in America.


Troy has found peace and pleasure with her hands in clay, or with a pencil or paintbrush in her hand. Portraiture is a passion, as well as creating images with horses, indians and children. Producing art requires love and the willingness to bare your soul. Troy is grateful for the stolen hours late in the night, when she can pursue this lifelong dream.


Troy has been in love with horses since she was three years old and would beg her parents to take her to the pony rides.  By the time she was eight, she was taking regular riding lessons and showing horses.  Her love of horses and competition took her from Hunter Jumpers to Cutting horses to Reining horses and to Arabian show horses.  Troy won three National Championships and a team Gold Medal racing endurance horses over a hundred miles.  


Troy is available for speaking engagements, book signings of Pure Heart and Kiss of God, and of course whiskey tastings of her award winning spirits. Her story will inspire you from mothering special needs children, to celebrating the entreprenuerial spirit of a woman who makes whiskey. To schedule an appearance please contact

Troy spoke at the annual AL-APSE conference in Mobile and instantly captivated all 250 attendees.  Her honest and humble telling of her experience of raising two boys who have severe disabilities while also creating a distillery and award winning whiskey was nothing short of inspiring and uplifting. She has a great sense of humor as she tells you her life story. What a gift to hear!

~ Samantha Holland


Troy,  Thank you so much for making the 2017 AJC Decatur Book Festival such a resounding success. Your participation and enthusiasm engaged attendees, generated thought-provoking conversations, and entertained young and old.

~ Julie Wilson at the Decatur Book Festival

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